Li Pallas is a relational artist and book designer holding post in Los Angeles, CA. Through paper sculpture, narrative, IRL interactions, and printed media he is a passive inventor of microenvironments for critical and empathetic accountability. His social practice involves a process receiving and channeling the intersectional complexity of our human condition into visceral objects and convivial happenings. His faith rests firmly in the power of asymmetry, chaos, imperfection, agency, and secrets shared in pillow forts that illuminate the innate altruism existing potentially/kinetically inside you. He is fascinated with the concept of cool as a facet/function of subconscious othering and dismissive supremacy—-as such believes art should act in firm opposition to affective detachment and star potential. He takes on graphic projects in print and web of many shapes and sizes but prefers projects that reflect his aesthetics and ethical concerns. He also writes theory.

He self-devised a major in “Relational Design” at Prescott College, and holds a Masters in Artist Books from the Corcoran College of Art + Design.

His work is retained at the National Gallery of Art’s Library in Washington DC; University of South Carolina’s Cooper Library; Herron Art Library, Artists’ Book Collection; CalPoly, Kennedy Library, Special Collections; Corcoran College of Art + Design Library, Artists’ Book Collection; Mills College, Olin Library, Special Collections; SCAD, Jen Library, Artist Book Collection; UCLA Biomedical Library, Special Collections; UC Santa Barbara, Davidson Library, Special Collections; University of Miami, Richter Library, Special Collections; University of Michigan, Art & Architecture Library, Special Collections; University of Vermont, Bailey/Howe Library, Special Collections; San Francisco State University; Southern Graphics Counsel International; The One Archive in Los Angeles; and the University of Iowa.